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Decorative Stencils from Dewiha-Art


1. Designs, pictures, photographs and text published in this website are protected by copyright. Copying of stencil designs and other forms from our store is strictly prohibited. No design, stencil, photograph, text or part therein, may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any way or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, or re-used, or sold by any person without the prior written agreement of the copyright owner. All rights reserved.



2. All customer details are used strictly to process payments and shipments only. We do not exchange any data with third parties and do not store any payment card details by any means. The SSL secured connection protects entered billing and delivery details from being seen or manipulated by any third parties.  


3. Dewiha-Art Online Shop offers no warranty or guarantee beyond the purchaser's statutory rights.



4. Our policy is to provide customers with best quality products and overall satisfaction. We accept returns only if products are defective. Returns will not be accepted in other cases. All sales are final. No refunds can be given before we receive the items and investigate. If it is proven that we failed to provide you with a quality product then refund of initial purchase value will be given.



5. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the use of our products. Some surfaces due to generally bad condition or deterioration could be damaged by use of adhesive spray or masking tape. In such case other forms of fixing the stencils in place should be considered.


6. We normally use TNT delivery methods. Any items purchased from our on-line store will be dispatched within four working days unless stated otherwise. European delivery costs and methods may vary upon the destination address.


7. Delivery prices calculated in the shopping basket are only valid for EU-destinations. If the posting address lays not within EU-country please contact us to arrange another mailing method before you proceed to the checkout. We may ask you to additionally purchase the Shipping Voucher to cover any delivery price difference.




8. Where stock may be limited on some items your basket will be updated before proceeding to the checkout.



9. Any products from the catalogue but currently not listed in the online shop can be pre-ordered and will usually be available within 12 working days. We may ask for an initial payment.





10. Any order will be made void if associated payment was unsuccessful or not completed after submission. 



11. Trading details:


Duijvenbrug 2

1616PD Hoogkarspel

The Netherlands

Email: info@woning-dekoratie.nl



12. For on-line payment processing we use PayPal and Moneybookers.



13. For order processing we use billing and delivery details provided by customers using forms on our website and not supplied/changed at the PayPal website. Dewiha-Art webshop will not refund if any part of that information is incorrect, missing an/or items posted to the wrong address.





14 If you do not agree at any point of the terms and conditions listed above do not proceed to a checkout.