Self Adhesive Vinyl Wall Sticker

Self Adhesive Vinyl Wall Sticker:

  • Open the postal tube by cutting the packing tape and removing the plug on one end or if your sticker/decal arrived in square cardboard tube cut the packing tape on one end and open the box.
  • Gently remove the product(s) from the package avoiding stretching it. If it becomes stuck - do not pull, try to turn it half turn one way or the other and then pull again.
  • Once unpacked place the rolled sheet(s) on the table or other flat surface and unroll it.
  • Pick the desired sheet and try to find the best location for it on destination wall, glass or other surface. If necessary you can leave some marks to mark the start point. The surface must be smooth, clean and dust free.
  • Place the decal back on the table, paper side down and application foil facing upwards. Applying some pressure rub over the patterns from the centre to outer edges to remove air bubbles and stick the foil to the surface of vinyl. Don't worry if there will be some little pieces not properly stuck, you can take care of them once you start to pill the application foil of the paper.
  • Peel off the application foil from the paper by applying stable pressure to it and not bending it to much, maintain rolling movement. You must not stretch it and remember, it is very sticky. You cannot allow the sticky surface to come in contact with itself or any dirt.
  • Some elements my not be stuck properly to the application film and stay on the paper surface. In such case you must roll back as much as necessary to cover that element and using fingers apply the pressure and rub it.
  • Whilst applying the pressure gently peel off the foil again and if no luck, repeat the procedure applying different pressure and angle.
  • Maintain stable pressure and watch for elements left on paper. Remember, the foil cannot be left hanging over the table edge, to prevent it keep moving the whole thing along the surface. Don't worry if the paper is kinked whilst hanging, we won't need it anymore.
  • In final stage, when the end of the foil becomes out of your arms reach, hold the foil against the table surface and slowly pull out the paper. Once finished lift the whole thing so you can see correctly the design pattern and not the sticky side.
  • Hold the decal against the wall but not allow it to come in contact with its surface.
  • Attach one point of the decal to the wall surface (preferably top middle part of it) and keep the rest away. You may need an extra hand to help you doing it as it could be very tricky if design is large. To help yourself you can use a chair, ladder or just anything suitable to keep that bottom part away from wall. Now you can rub the design into the surface moving you hands from the central point outwards, taking all air bubbles away. This will prevent the design from being deformed too.
  • When reaching the bottom part of it remove the supporting tool and curry on until the whole sticker is stuck. Now to make sure all is done fine you can go over the whole picture again and if there are any doubts redo the required area.
  • Start pilling the application film from the wall. This time, the vinyl design must stay on the wall surface. To do it bend the foil 180 degrees against itself and gently roll holding your fingers right at the edge of the foil.
  • If any part poorly sticks to the surface it may need to be gently pressed with a finger. Don't worry if not everything is perfect, small details can be done later. Whilst pulling the film keep fingers on small delicate elements, keep applying some pressure and pull at the same time. If it does not help roll back as much as necessary and repeat the process applying different If it does not help roll back as much as necessary and repeat the process applying different pressure and angle.pressure and angle. If it does not help roll back as much as necessary and repeat the process applying different pressure and angle. 
  • When the whole application film has been removed slide fingers gently over the whole image and apply necessary pressure to get all bits stuck properly. If you see elements placed incorrectly, try to lift them with the needle and replace as desired before applying any pressure.

Now, sit down and enjoy.

Remember: if things go wrong stop and re-think, stretched or damaged vinyl will leave more or less visible marks. Usually it is easy to go back a little bit and then restart. It is always good to ask someone for help even if you sticker is not very large. This is general guidance, there are many methods used by amateurs and professionals but remember, always do it the simplest way. Many examples are available on the internet. Our stickers / decals can be applied on most smooth surfaces. They will adhere to walls, window glass, mirrors, furniture panels, metal, plastic and some wood.