Can I use the stencils more then one time?

Yes, you can. The stencils are made from the 3 mm thick plastic-film. If you are using acrylic paint, then simply wash the scentil with a little water after use. If you are using an oil based paint then wipe over with a small amount of withe spirit.


How can I know, how to use the stencils?


More information find you here:  Instructions.


How long does the paint take to dry?

This depends on the type of paint used, the surface you are applying the paint to and the conditions in which you are applying the paint. However, assuming an indoor application on a matt surface on an average day, the paint will be touch dry within an hour although we would always recommend leacing it 24 hours before applying a protective coat (if required) over the top.





What kind of paint can I use by the painting?

You can use almost each paint for wallpainting, the best one for it is Acrylic-Paint.


What is Acryliv Paint?

It si a water-based paint. Therefore soluble in water, so you can clean brushes/paintroller in water and there is no odour. It is thinner paint than household emulsions but has much more pigment and can be applied delicately without clogging or looking heavy.


Which paint surface is best for stencilling on to?

A matt surface is ideal. However, some satin finishes are quite suitable as well. The main thing to remember is that if a paint has been designed so that marks may be wiped from the surface, then this will apply to any stenccilling as well. This makes any of the new ranges of kitchen and bathroom paint particularly unsuitable. However, as usual there are ways around this such as applying a primer paint first to act as a new base coat for the stencilling, however be aware that this removes the properties of the paint so may not be a suitable course of action.




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