Instruction - Self Adhesive Decorative Wall Art Stencil:

Self Adhesive Decorative Wall Art Stencil:

Step 1

Open the postal tube by cutting the packing tape and removing the plug on one end or if your paint mask all stencilw arrived in square cardboard tube, cut the packing tape on one end and open the box.



Step 2

Gently remove the product(s) from the package avoiding stretching it. If it becomes stuck - do not use force, try to turn it half turn one way or the other and then pull again.



Step 3

If there are visible bubbles or picture is not straight lift the affected part off and re-apply to surface. Rub the whole paint mask to the wall surface using fingers applying some pressure.

Pick the desired sheet and try to find the best location for it on destination wall, glass or other surface. If necessary you can leave some marks to mark the start point. The surface must be smooth, clean and dust free. Place the decal back on the table, paper side down and peel it away.Stick the paint mask to the surface and rub it all in. Make sure it is stuck properly to avoid paint getting behind the mask.





Stap 4

Now you can start painting. There are different techniques but remember to remove the excess of pain from the brush to avoid dripping and bleeding. On the example pictures we decided to use soft brush that came with the used paint. We applied thick coat to create the texture. The paint should be rather tapped in than applied with brush dragged along. We recommend using the polibrushes or rollers that we offer. Once it's all done leave the mask on the wall for a few minutes to allow paint to set partly. Gently remove the stencil paint mask and wash. Make sure not to touch anything as the paint is not fully set and can leave unwanted marks.If you used water based paint just wash it in bath with cold water. Other paints must be removed using thinners and in well ventilated places, preferably outside.






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